Do your part to help with sex and sexuality research!!

I’m passing along this request that came my way. Please feel free to reblog this!  We need more quality research on sex and sexuality.


My name is Mike Parsons. I am a post-graduate psychology student studying at the University of Southampton. Currently I am conducting research into dominant and submissive sexual behaviours, with the intention of raising awareness towards the stigmatisation that is often imposed upon those who partake in such sexual activities.

Below is a link to the online version of my questionnaire. If people could complete it I would very grateful.

I thank those who complete it in advance and please feel free to contact me via Fetlife if you wish to know the study’s results (which I will be able to give once all data has been collected and analysed).

P. S. This is not the first piece of research I have completed on the kink community. If anyone is interested, here is a link for a video of me presenting my previous study at the 2013 CARAS conference:…

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